Reclaimed Wood Charcuterie Board

Reclaimed Wood Charcuterie Board

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These are one of our top sellers, PLEASE read complete description:

These are created using vintage reclaimed/repurposed wood. Vineyards in France and Italy use them for charcuterie trays that are presented during the vineyards wine tasting. Although each one is unique and one of a kind they are quite uniform in size, almost 1" thick, have two support pieces, a hand drilled hang hole and a beautiful patina. Please NOTE: THESE ARE LARGE, EACH WEIGHING 5-7 POUNDS We were only able to get a few of these.....we wish we had more!

These are superb for entertaining, showcasing a wonderful charcuterie tray....and are just perfect for any kitchen display....these have great personality, size, vintage patina and they are getting very difficult to find.

Not submerging them in water
Not using them as cutting boards
Not to cut raw meat on them
Wipe them periodically with a food grade butcher block conditioner.

Dimensions: 31" x 16" x 1"